Survey of Registered Voters Attitudes on Local Issues City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

A survey of 400 registered voters in the city of Cambridge, MA finds that a plurality of residents (47%) believe affordable housing is the most pressing issue facing the city. 13% of residents believe traffic is the most important issue in Cambridge, followed by education with 8%. The issues of bikes and bike lanes, crime, drugs, and opioids all received 5% or less. 13% of residents say their most important issue is an unspecified other.

When asked about a potential Affordable Housing Overlay District in Cambridge, 58% of residents were aware of the proposal. 38% of residents support the proposal, 32% are in opposition, and 30% are unsure. 

Residents were also asked about the success of efforts to revitalize the city’s squares. 30% of residents find there have been meaningful improvements in Central Square, 35% say there have not been improvements, and 35% are unsure. Regarding Inman Square, only 16% of residents see meaningful improvements, 33% do not, and a majority of 51% are unsure. 

The overall approval of the Cambridge City Council among residents is split, with 34% approval, 26% disapproval, 30% unsure, and 11% no opinion. 

Residents were also asked about the favorability of individual City Council members:

Marc McGovern- 43% favorable, 19% unfavorable, 24% unsure, 15% no opinion

Jan Devereux-31% favorable, 17% unfavorable, 29% unsure, 23% no opinion

Dennis Carlone- 26% favorable, 17% unfavorable, 33% unsure, 25% no opinion

Craig Kelley- 31% favorable, 18% unfavorable, 28% unsure, 24% no opinion

Alanna Mallon- 26% favorable, 19% unfavorable, 33% unsure, 22% no opinion

Sumbul Siddiqi- 23% favorable, 20% unfavorable, 31% unsure, 26% no opinion

Denise Simmons- 41% favorable, 25% unfavorable, 18% unsure, 16% no opinion

Timothy Toomey- 32% favorable, 23% unfavorable, 27% unsure, 18% no opinion

Quinton Zondervan- 22% favorable, 17% unfavorable, 36% unsure, 25% no opinion 


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