Emerson College ePoll: Trump Approval Drops as Voters are split among Policies and Mental Stability. Race Relations Worsen under Trump
Voters also split on whether to legalize marijuana for medical purposes only or for recreational use.

A new Emerson College ePoll finds President Trumps approval rating among registered voters slipping after one year in office to 39%, with 52% disapproving of his job performance. This is down from a February 2017 Emerson’s poll where the President held a 48%approve/47% disapproval.

However, the drop in approval has not affected his base and their support. When voters were asked if they would change their vote if they could do it over again 12% of 2016 Trump voters said they would change their vote, while 10% of Clinton voters said the same. Within this subset of voters willing to change their vote, it breaks for Trump with 24%, with 20% breaking for Clinton. This difference is well within the subsets margin of error.

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