Strange and Moore poised for Runoff in AL GOP Primary, Jones with chance to wrap of Democratic nomination

A new Special Election primary poll for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions finds the appointed Senator Luther Strange in a statistical dead heat with former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore at 32% to 29%, both men appear well below the 50% threshold needed to win the nomination outright and it is more likely than not that a September 26 run-off will be needed. Congressman Mo Brooks is in third with 15% and State Senator Trip Pittman rounds out the top four with 10%. Eleven-percent (11%) of Republican primary voters were undecided and no other candidate was above 2%.

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“Different Strokes for Different Folks”: Implications of Voter Micro-Targeting and Appeal in the Age of Donald Trump

Vincent Raynauld, Ph.D.

Publication: Political Marketing in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Part of the Palgrave Studies in Political Marketing and Management book series

Abstract: Despite the 2016 US Republican presidential contest being considered by many as “one unlike no others”, this chapter posits that its outcome can be attributed, at least partly, to dynamics that had affected the unfolding of previous American electoral contests. In their chapter, Raynauld and Turcotte explore contemporary political messaging and marketing tactics deployed by candidates running for the presidential nomination. As the Republican electorate was fragmented due to different factors, candidates engaged in hyper narrowcasting in order to reach out and mobilize specific groups of voters. Through the statistical analysis of polling data from key primary states, Raynauld and Turcotte conclude that by occupying narrow political “lanes”, Republican contenders

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